Onyx Salon Customer Loyalty Program

Join our loyalty program, earn points at every checkout and gain rewards.

How to Enroll:

You can enroll in our loyalty program two ways:

1. Using this link.

2. At checkout.

How do I earn Points? 

  • For every $1 you spend, you gain 1 point (even if you use cash). For example, if you spend $200 you gain 200 points.

Are there different tiers?

  • Yes, everyone starts out in the base tier until they hit 10,000 points then they advance to the Bronze tier. See how it works below:

  • Base: Beginner Tier
  • Bronze (2nd): Minimum of 10,000 Points
  • Gold (3rd): Min 20,000 Points.
  • Onyx Ambassador (4th): Min 50,000 Points.

  • Onyx Gold (5th): Min 100,000 Points.

Every time you level up, you tap into new reward opportunities.

Can I save my points to reach the top tier?

  • Yes you can! If you would like to save your points in hopes of reaching Onyx Gold, you can do so. You are also able to cash out your points on rewards you are eligible for at anytime. And the best part is that your points don't expire.

Do my points readjust my Reward status after spending them?

  • Yes! If you cash out on your points the system will automatically show you what rewards are offered for the amount of points you have.