Cowboy Copper is the Color of Fall 2023

Cowboy Copper is Taking Over Fall 2023

2023 can be marked as the dawn of the ginger. With Kendall Jenner dying her hair for Autumn/Winter fashion week in 2022, women began flocking to the salon to achieve a similar look. Soon after, copper hair began popping up more and more. Today, it's coined the name ‘Cowboy Copper,’ and everyone is ditching their hair color for a rich blend of oranges and reds.

Cowboy Copper Hair

What is Cowboy Copper?

Who, What, Where, UK sat down with Emma Vickery the creative director at Percy & Reed, a UK based hair care company, to talk about what exactly “cowboy copper” is and why it's one of this fall's most popular colors.

Vickey stated, "This hair color is the fusion of leather tones [hence, 'cowboy'] with classic redhead shades," explains Vickery. "Coined 'cowboy copper', this shade delves slightly deeper into brunette undertones whilst being infused with the richness of deep copper accents. This stands in contrast to the conventional golden hues, resembling a harmonious blend of brunette and redhead aesthetics."

Ally Yost Cowboy Copper

Cowboy Copper works on any hair color really, however, it favors natural brunettes and reds more since they already have a warm base. Blondes can achieve this look too, however, it might take more for them to find the right shade of copper and more trips to the salon in order to maintain it. We recommend coming into our salon for a consultation beforehand, or consulting your local stylist on what shade you would rock the best.

CowBoy Copper Inspo Gallery

Cowboy Copper - Deep Copper Shade
Cowboy Copper Highlights
Becca Tilley Cowboy Copper - Natural Copper
Deep Copper Shades
Rich Copper Shade
Bright Copper
Emily Ratajkowski  Cowboy Copper
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