Enhance Your Curl Game

At Onyx, we pride ourselves on getting to know our clientele on a personal level; understanding their wants, needs, and expectations from the services we provide. When they walk out of our salon we not only want them to look their best, but also feel their most confident.

When it comes to our curly clients, sometimes they might lack confidence on how to style their hair in a way that flatters their face and brings out their confidence. That’s why at Onyx, it's our promise to make our curly haired guests feel and look their best by personalizing their treatment styles, cuts, and colors.

Our Curl Promise

We understand that if you have wavy, curly, or very coily hair textures, your hair must be managed and cared for differently.Our stylists are trained and certified in the following curly haircutting methods: Rezo haircutting, and DevaCurl! We believe in continued education for our stylists, participating in classes throughout the year, and we also believe in educating our clients as well. We promise to offer you a positive, uplifting experience while fully embracing your natural curl texture.


What is the difference between Deva and Rezo?

It's safe to say that the Rezo cut and the Deva cut are pretty similar and are often mixed up. However, there's a clear difference between the two: after the Deva cut your curls frame your face, while after the Rezo your hair preserves an even length around your head.

What is a Rezo cut?

The Rëzo cut is perfect for all curl textures from 2A to 4C. This cut is all about maintaining length while allowing for perfect body, balance, and shape. We use the 2A to 4C range as a starting point, however, easy treatment is dependent on each person’s curl pattern.

rezo-cut-maintenance 2.jpg

What is a Deva Curl cut?

Deva curl focuses on sculpting each curl so the curl pattern is not disrupted. This cut is about making each curl look its best, not to “tame” the curls. Embracing the curls natural texture.



We asked our main curl stylists Victoria and Neha what curl maintenance would look like for different types of lifestyles and here is what they shared.

For the busy client: curl cream will be your best friend. Neha suggests using the Bumble and Bumble’s deep conditioning mask.

For the client that has more time on their hands: Use a curl cream, mouse, diffuser, and texture spray to finish off the look.

Booking with one of our curl experts will enhance your curl game and give you the extra little confidence boost. Book online today!