Find Your Perfect Bang

Ever Ponder the infamous question "should I get bangs?"

A few months ago, I marched into my local hair salon and told my stylist, “Give me bangs, please,” to which she said, “Are you sure?” To be honest, I was far from sure, but I felt like taking control of my life, and apparently doing anything drastic to your hair is the best way to do so.

I knew that they would look good on my heart shaped face because my mom has had them for years, and I am a clone of my mother. But do you ever wonder what you would look like with bangs? And what kind of bang would work best with your face shape? Well, fear no more! Let’s break it down, one face shape at a time. Oh and don’t worry, we added maintenance levels (10/10 being a pain, 1/10 being easy peasy).

Selena Gomez Curtain Bang

Round FAce SHapes

If you mirror a face shape like Selena Gomez or Mila Kunis, you would look perfect with either curtain bangs or side swept bangs.

Curtain Bangs: Dawning their popularity in 2020, curtain bangs are still fairly popular today. They can be worn on most face shapes because they are incredibly versatile, however, they give people with round faces just the right amount of framing.

Maintenance level: 6/10. They require some maintenance and styling, but nothing that will make you wish you never got them.

Golden Sandy Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

Everyone has had a side swept bangs at one point in their life. I mean hello, they were all anyone had in the mid to late 2000’s. This type of bang works exceptionally well for people with round faces because it elongates the face while adding structure.

Maintenance level: 4/10. They are easy and don't need much maintenance. Just blow dry and ta-da, you’ve got yourself a side swept bang.

Jennifer Lopez Birkin Bangs

Square Face Shapes

Here are the best bangs for our square or oblong face shaped girlies.

Birkin Bangs: Named after, you guessed it, Jane Birkin, these bangs offer a feathery, lightweight look that are some-what easy to style, and can make your jawline appear softer. Jennifer Lopez, aka JLO, recently got these bangs at the start of the summer, and we can't enough of them.

Maintenance level: 5/10.

Layered Bangs

Layered Bangs

Layers add balance to the face. If you have a square jawline, adding longer layered fringe around the face can offer more subtlety and softness. They can also help your hair look fuller if that is something you are trying to achieve or have more of a fine hair texture.

Maintenance Level: 2/10.

Lucy Hale Cresent Moon Bangs

Heart shaped faces

Heart shaped faces are interesting. They're not really round, not really long, they are kind of just in the middle. Here are the best bangs for Reese Witherspoon or Lucy Hale look-alikes.

Crescent or "Moon" Bangs: These types of bangs frame the face with a subtle arch making it a perfect cut for heart shaped faces. Since people with heart shaped faces have narrow chins, this type of bang structures the face well, adding the right amount of balance.

Maintenance Level: 8/10. Although they are cute, they can be a pain to style every day.

Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bangs

Adding lightness and flare to the face creates the perfect balance for this face shape giving you a more carefree look. This type of bang works exceptionally well with wavy hair.

Maintenance Level: 6/10. Sometimes the wispy’s have a mind of their own.

Lily Collins Bottleneck Bangs

Oval shaped faces

If you have an oval shaped face, you are meant to have bangs. Really any bang will work well on you, but here are our favorites.

Bottleneck Bangs: Bottleneck bangs are nice because they are shorter in the middle and gradually gain length down the sides, framing the face and eyes perfectly. Think Lily Collins or Margot Robbie on the cover of British Vogue. This is the perfect bang if you feel you want bangs but can't fully commit just yet. These bangs act as more of a fringe and stay on the longer side.

Maintenance Level: 5/10

Dakota Johnson Softened Blunt Bangs

Softened Blunt Bangs

Think Dakota Johnson. She can rock almost any bang because of her oval shaped face, but when she rocks soft blunt bangs, they are extra flattering on her. Notice how the bangs help soften any harsh lines and frame her face in a way that adds more balance. With these bangs, the attention will automatically be drawn to one's eyes.

Maintenance Level: 7/10

Alexa Chung Grown Out Bangs

Long face shapes

For long face shapes, stay on the side of ‘longer is better.’

Grown out bangs: These bangs are more flattering for people with longer faces, like Alexa Chung. Not only do they balance the face, they also make foreheads appear shorter than they are. Keeping the fringe just around your eyebrow should be the perfect length for you.

Maintenance Level: 3/10

Angled Side Bang

Angled Side Bang

With long faces, you have more room to work with, so you can decide which part of your face you want to draw attention to. By creating an angled side bang, it will help people focus more on the center of your face instead of your forehead. Notice in this picture, the bang swoops to the right forcing you to focus more on her nose and lips.

Maintenance Level: 5/10

Bangs are a personal preference at the end of the day. I had mine for a few months before I decided I was tired of styling them with my naturally curly hair.

It's no secret they are making a strong comeback, and if it's something you've considered in the past, using a guide is always helpful to gauge which style would flatter your face shape best. Either way, you still look beautiful, but sometimes its nice to hit the refresh button.

If you are still on the fence about getting bangs, consult with your hair stylist, or come down to Onyx for a complementary hair consultation. Whatever you do, just DON'T cut trauma bangs. Happy snipping!